XYZ: All Your Domains Are Come From Us

All your domains are come from us

  • .XYZ is the next .COM. .XYZ is the #1 new domain in the world
  • .XYZ is for you. .XYZ is for every website, everywhere®
  • .XYZ is for businesses. Get your venture off the ground with YOURBUSINESS.XYZ
  • .XYZ is for individuals. Create your blog or portfolio with YOURNAME.XYZ
  • .XYZ is for ideas. Share yours with YOURIDEA.XYZ
  • .XYZ is international. Get .XYZ domains in 200+ languages

Join the movement.

Get .XYZ

.XYZ is for the Internet of Things

Introducing the 1.111B Class: a range of 1.111 billion numeric .xyz combinations between – Effective immediately, all 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit .xyz domains have been reduced to a flat wholesale cost of $ 0.65* per year by XYZ, with a recommended retail price of $ 0.99.**

1.111B is an alternative class of .xyz domains launched to foster innovation and creativity. It gives businesses and individuals a first-of-its-kind class of domains that can be used for nontraditional purposes, such as:

  • Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Advanced network communications
  • Vanity digital identifiers
  • Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
  • Virtual currencies and tradable assets
  • Other creative uses set out by innovators and entrepreneurs

Using a proprietary abuse-mitigation system developed by XYZ, which has resulted in less than 1% abuse from all active .xyz domains, the 1.111B Class will remain safe and reputable with a zero-tolerance policy against spamming, phishing, malware, and other forms of illegal activity or abuse.

* Although the $ 0.65 wholesale price goes into effect on 11/11/17, all registrars are invited to support the 1.111B Class early. Please contact us to learn more.

** While XYZ’s wholesale price of $ 0.65/year for domains in the 1.111B Class is fixed, and XYZ recommends a retail price of $ 0.99/year for all creates, renewals, and transfers, the final retail price paid by registrants is determined by each individual registrar.

A new class has arrived.
Innovate with .XYZ

.XYZ is for the Internet of Things

$ secure

XYZ: All Your Domains Are Come From Us

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